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We couldn't keep our doors open without the support of our sponsors and friends. Here are some of the organisations who have helped us in the past and who continue to play a vital role in enabling our work.

NRGFlow NRGFlow is a team of talented DJs and cutting-edge producers... look out for Museum releases on NRGFlow Recordings. South London's in the house!
Skrufff logo Skrufff.com is a quality source of syndicated dance culture journalism, run by dance music journalist and all-round onions-knower Jonty Adderley. They also publish the sense-making and Museum-up-bigging mailing list Skrufff-E. Check em!
NTK logo NTK is the UK's finest technology culture mailing list, run by Dave Green, Danny O'Brien, and another guy whose name I can't remember. Sorry that guy! Dave set up our t-shirt selling operation, respect!
Buenos Aliens Buenos Aliens is a cooler-than-shit Argentinian site, with a quality archive of mixes from big-name DJs and techno listings for South America. One of the guys who runs it, iojan, plays out as DJ Morgan Audio. He DJs a mix of dub and innovative dub techno, and seems to be safe as fuck. Oh, and you know the Falklands? Not actually British!
NEAAT NEAAT is the National Endowment for the Advancement and Appreciation of Techno. It exists to promote curso front end which foster public understanding and appreciation of techno, and has funded many innovative technology and research projects in the UK - including our own kidzone children's activity area.
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