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The Museum's shop offers for sale a range of mementos to remind you of your visit. We also stock a selection of research journals, books and papers - in addition to field recordings and anthologies of traditional and modern techno from around the world.

We are now able to offer some of our curso online de indesign via this website - please feel free to browse the selection below. Books and recordings are sold through our Amazon affiliate programme, and t-shirts may be bought via PayPal (please read the note about countries and delivery).


STEP ONE: PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY FROM THIS LIST. These are the countries that we can deliver to with PayPal. If you live somewhere else, please contact us at and we'll do our best to help!
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 clothing The official bad-boy Museum t-shirt - khaki
Museum t-shirt, motherfucker! Colour: White text on khaki
Price: £8.00 + postage & packing (£2.00 UK, £3.00 rest of world)

Size: XL Sorry -
sold out!
Size: L Sorry -
sold out!
Size: M Sorry -
sold out!
 clothing The official bad-boy Museum t-shirt - black
Museum t-shirt, motherfucker! Colour: White text on black
Price: £8.00 postage & packing (£2.00 UK, £3.00 rest of world)

Size: XL Sorry -
sold out!

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books (through amazon.co.uk)

 book Techno rebels - renegades of electronic funk
Techno rebels at Amazon Author: Dan Sicko (his real name)
Publisher: Billboard Books; ISBN: 0823084280

Starts with an interesting write-up of techno's development in Detroit in the 1970s and 1980s; American techno and its relationship to European post-disco music; and a final chapter full of meaningless big-ups to everyone that Dan might want to interview for his next book.

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 book Techno: The Rough Guide
Techno Rough Guide at Amazon Author: Tim Barr
Publisher: Rough Guides; ISBN: 1858284341

If the Rough Guide to India is anything to go by, this book might be half-way useful. Although judging by the cover it might just be some rubbish written by an Orbital fan, which would be a shame. Mind you, never judge a book by its cover, innit? Except for the title, author name, publisher and price parts of the cover. I'll have a quick look through it next time I'm in Books Etc and update this entry when I've taken a squiz.

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 book Energy Flash - a journey through rave culture
Energy Flash at Amazon Author: Simon Reynolds

An account of how English people heard techno and decided to do pills in a warehouse, really. Pretty good on UK drum n bass, chapters on techno...

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 book Kraftwerk - I was a robot
Kraftwerk - I was a robot at Amazon Author: Wolfgang Flur

A new book about Kraftwerk. One of the coolest things about techno is that the Detroit guys back in the day were influenced by Kraftwerk and a bunch of european electronic pop/disco bands, maybe more in some cases than by American bands. Although I dunno what Flur's on about when he says he was a robot. Oh hang on, he was in Kraftwerk. Tour de France is quite a nice tune.

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

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recordings (through amazon.co.uk)

 recording Cybotron: Clear
Clear by Cybotron at Amazon Artist: Cybotron

Re-release of the album by one of Juan Atkins's bands/personas. Very electro, slightly Kraftwerk, but you can hear the Soul coming through if you listen hard enough (or are good at listening to Soul).

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 recording Innovator
Innovator at Amazon Artist: Derrick May

This is the new one from Derrick May (another of the big, early Detroit producers). Even if you buy it and it turns out not to be amazingly innovative, the guy was an innovator, and it might be a nice way to say thanks.

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 recording KS02
KS02 at Amazon Artist: Kevin Saunderson

Man like Kevin Saunderson inna mix!

Another of the Detroit guys on the 1's and 2's. A mix CD released by TrustTheDJ, who are a pretty good place for mix CDs (and hollow DJ worship) generally! I'm selling through Amazon though, cos the Museum gets commission on the sales...

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 recording Suicide
Suicide at Amazon Artist: Suicide

1970s New York electro-punks. They were so fucked up that audiences used to pull venues apart so they had something to beat them up with. And I get a "no" to my demo off a label and I'm discouraged...

If I remember right, one CD's their fucked-up tunes and the 2nd is a recording (done on a shitty little cassette recorder) of a Suicide performance. They only get about 12 mins into it before the lead singer gets snotted with an armrest ripped off a chair, and I'm not sure whether they were anything to do with the emergence of techno in the US, but it's fairly mental tuneage!

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

 recording New York Noise
New York Noise at Amazon Artist: Various

Again, see, I dunno whether this was anything to do with techno itself starting up - the Detroit scene was very different to the New York scene - but this compilation of punk/funk/dance music from 1970s and early 80s NY is really interesting... it's like one of those "sampled" albums only instead of hearing the sample that Stakka Bo ripped for his only ever UK chart tune, you hear what sounds like the creative blueprint for Sugar Hill-style rap there in one tune.

Buy at amazon.co.uk 

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