Museum on Resonance 104.4FM Tue 8 Sep 22:30(UK)

Good afternoon. Time for a final slice (for a while) of radio-related mayhem-cake from us.

Tonight at 22:30 UK / 17:30 EST / 14:30 US Pacific, the final episode in our current radio series will be broadcast on Resonance FM. It will be entitled “Karaoke.”

In this episode, the Technicians are charged with organising a night out for the Museum staff.

We discuss the impact on nightclubs, electronic music and other forms of group entertainment of communicable diseases like swine flu, and the fundamental links between the will to public performance, social satus and sexual success in various cultural contexts.

The show features the our customary guerilla sound design, including phonography from one of Croydon’s most generic pubs, and culminates in a rare live musical performance by Braidy and Cornwell – to the music of Mr David Powell.

Many thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the show, and to everyone who’s listened and given us your valuable feedback. We hope to be back soon with more over-produced yet underthought nonsense in the nearest possible future.

Oh – the show’s repeated at 15:30 UK time on Saturday, and archives are available on our Soundcloud page,

Cheers, have a great week

Dave (Braidy)

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