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Objective achieved – we rocked the broadcast hut seven times, and have completed our series of radio programmes for Resonance 104.4FM. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and gave us your more or less consistently rapturous feedback. Here is the final episode, Karaoke.

In this episode, the Technicians are charged with organising a night out for the Museum staff.

We discuss the impact on nightclubs, electronic music and other forms of group entertainment of communicable diseases like swine flu, and the fundamental links between the will to public performance, social satus and sexual success in various cultural contexts.

The show features the our customary guerilla sound design, including phonography from one of Croydon’s most generic pubs, and culminates in a rare live musical performance by Braidy and Cornwell – to the music of Mr David Powell.

Many thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the show, and to everyone who’s listened and given us your valuable feedback. We hope to be back soon with more over-produced yet underthought nonsense in the nearest possible future.


Medium tech:

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5 Comments to Museum of Techno – Karaoke

29 January 2010

How are the technicians doing? This still remains my all time favorite episode just for that spiffing tune at the end.

dave powell
18 September 2010

Ah, chaps!
‘Just listened to the final broadcast and, basically, fell about laughing. Thanks for the great lyrics; I still play it when the right, er, mood takes me. ‘Sorry I didn’t get back to you when you sent the stuff – I’ve basically had a bad time with health, family wise. Nevertheless, you will (possibly) be delighted to know that the track is hugely popular ’round my way and I am now taking it out live with a full-on Reggae Soundsystem.
All the best,

Jeremiah Ramirez
2 December 2010

me and my girlfriend would always frequent karaoke bars because we love to sing `”‘

11 December 2010

You need to make a little icon thingy for the browser for your site. Also please please please put up more DJ sets. Here are some possible topics for new shows: summing boxes; mics and preamps; VSTs; Software drum machines. Also what about political commentary added along or movie reviews etc. I think you have awesome characters.

26 April 2011

I love minimal techno.

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