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Now then. Now. Then. Now; then; and the future. Now and then.

Resonance FM has been off air for a week or two, while its engineering team carries out scheduled upgrades and maintenance. Therefore we have been blessed with a short break, two-thirds of the way through our radio series.

This has meant that I forgot to upload last week’s show. Which is a stupid thing, because it was actually the boom shit. So (a) steel yourself for next Tuesday’s show, which will rock hard, and (b) read on for an immediate fix of magical audio/deep wisdom.

Previously on the show

Here’s last week’s episode, Grime, in which we learn about the flow of music and energy within London’s maligned but burgeoning underground grime scene, during an amazing interview with Rinse FM DJ and Butterz blogger Elijah, and then demonstrating our knowledge of the scene in a discussion of its specialist vocabulary, the structure of its music and the best way for a producer to promote his/her music within the scene:


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2 Comments to Museum of Techno – Grime (+ summer holidays)

29 August 2009

Haha Mr. Cornwell’s Grime is whack. Man, I wish I could get a museum of techno t-shirt.

Mr Braidy
15 September 2009

We owe you one. Send us your size (S/M/L/XL) and an address, and I’ll see whether I’ve got one in the attic somewhere.

I need to listen to a track of yours too, don’t I – been too busy with the show to even imagine a world where I find it possible to listen to any music whatsoever.

Safe, have a good week sir

Kind regards

Mr Braidy
Technician, Museum of Techno

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