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We’ve been gasping to bring you some of our fiery wisdom about the cutting edge of London’s electronic youth music, and here it comes: this week, we’ll be talking to Rinse FM DJ and Butterz blogger Elijah about the trials and tribulations of trying to promote grime music in the teeth of a world recession and what might be described as less than 100% support from the local metropolitan police.

The Technicians, Cornwell and Braidy, present a linguistic analysis of grime lyrics, and discuss the mechanics of getting your tracks heard by grime MCs.

Previously on the show

Here’s last week’s episode, Valve Power:

It’s the mutt’s living nuts.

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3 Comments to Museum of Techno On Resonance 104.4FM 4 August

5 August 2009

Superb work gentlemen.

I spend a lot of time up to my elbows in wires myself, and greatly enjoy following your adventures.

Keep it up, and never stop dishing out beat punishments, at 140 lashes a minute.

Probotix team
24 August 2009

We at probotix thoroughly enjoy your show and listen to it every week. We look forward to tuesdays when new episodes are uploadeds. Lately however there have not been any new Museum of Techno tracks. Kindly please uploads a new museum of techno Mr. Braidy and or Mr. Cornwell.

Yours truly,
Probotix Electronics team.

Mr Braidy
28 August 2009

Aha: Resonance FM have just been taking their August summer holiday, so we’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of weeks off mid-series. However, we explode back onto the airwaves next Tuesday evening, with our next episode, entitled “Mr Foley.”

In the meantime… I’m just now putting last week’s episode, Grime, online. You may “check it” at your leisure, and I trust you will find it up to our usual ultra-cosmic standards.

Kind regards

Mr Braidy
Technician, Museum of Techno

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