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Resonance FM 1 Sept 2009: Mr Foley

Tomorrow – 1 September – Museum of Techno returns to the airwaves, with the 5th instalment of our series of shows for Resonance 104.4FM. Entitled “Mr Foley,” the show features the work of guerilla foley artist, sound designer and mixer Stephen Goldsmith (, plus a number of violent acts committed against plants.

Museum of Techno on Resonance 104.4FM

Tuesday 1 September 2009
22:30 (UK) | 17:30 (US Eastern) | 14:30 (US Pacific)

Join us for the vegetable murderation.

Previously on Museum of Techno: Grime

Let the day go

Sominex Advert

Croydon’s currently full of billboard adverts for Sominex, a brand of sleeping pill marketed with the phrase “Let the day go.”

The ads feature an image of a woman falling into blissful oblivion as icons of modern stress (like a sneaker, an iron, a senior female relative and a man on an office chair) float from her head and out of her open window into the starry, inky blue Croydon night.

I first noticed the posters on the day newspapers were reporting alleged claims by Conrad Murray that Michael Jackson died from from a self-administered Propofol overdose.

How about if what really killed Michael Jackson was that he wasn’t allowed to let go of things: fame, youth, the weirdness of his childhood; and that he used neurochemical cudgels like Propofol to beat down the shitty vibes that resulted from that failure to let go?

The letting go is what he needed. It wasn’t inherent in the Propofol; nor is it inherent in the fucking Sominex.

Kind regards

Mr Braidy

Museum of Techno – Grime (+ summer holidays)

Museum of Techno on Resonance 104.4FM

Tuesdays – 22:30BST, 16:30EST, 14:30 US Pacific

Saturdays – 15:30BST, 09:30EST, 07:30 US Pacific

Now then. Now. Then. Now; then; and the future. Now and then.

Resonance FM has been off air for a week or two, while its engineering team carries out scheduled upgrades and maintenance. Therefore we have been blessed with a short break, two-thirds of the way through our radio series.

This has meant that I forgot to upload last week’s show. Which is a stupid thing, because it was actually the boom shit. So (a) steel yourself for next Tuesday’s show, which will rock hard, and (b) read on for an immediate fix of magical audio/deep wisdom.

Previously on the show

Here’s last week’s episode, Grime, in which we learn about the flow of music and energy within London’s maligned but burgeoning underground grime scene, during an amazing interview with Rinse FM DJ and Butterz blogger Elijah, and then demonstrating our knowledge of the scene in a discussion of its specialist vocabulary, the structure of its music and the best way for a producer to promote his/her music within the scene:


Museum of Techno On Resonance 104.4FM 4 August

Museum of Techno on Resonance 104.4FM

Tuesdays – 22:30BST, 16:30EST, 14:30 US Pacific

Saturdays – 15:30BST, 09:30EST, 07:30 US Pacific

We’ve been gasping to bring you some of our fiery wisdom about the cutting edge of London’s electronic youth music, and here it comes: this week, we’ll be talking to Rinse FM DJ and Butterz blogger Elijah about the trials and tribulations of trying to promote grime music in the teeth of a world recession and what might be described as less than 100% support from the local metropolitan police.

The Technicians, Cornwell and Braidy, present a linguistic analysis of grime lyrics, and discuss the mechanics of getting your tracks heard by grime MCs.

Previously on the show

Here’s last week’s episode, Valve Power:

It’s the mutt’s living nuts.

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