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1 May 2009 | General

We are developing a set of tracks, based on techno and acid house classics, which are suitable for quiet environments like restaurants and new age emporia. We present here an example of our work: a “new age” reworking of Hardfloor’s classic “Acperience 1“. We hope that you enjoy it.

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4 Comments to New Museum track online

expletive undeleted
11 July 2009

I like this a lot. If I owned a New Age macrobiotic cafe, this is the kind of music I’d have on. And Incantation

Mr Braidy
12 July 2009

Incantation albums with booming kick drums superimposed over the top. I’m glad you dug our beats and our pipes mate, we’ve got plenty more amazing music to spring on you in forthcoming weeks!

Kind regards

Mr Braidy
Technician, Museum of Techno

[…] if you’re starting to feel your age, you should probably head to the Museum of Techno for this New Age, macrobiotic take on Hardfloor’s […]

sir mise
9 December 2010

You know, back in 1992 I had the distinct pleasure of being part of a scientific experiment held in Abilene, Texas. The hardcore acid band “The Movement” (jump everybody jump fame) was playing there. I actually got to hang out backstage with these guys. They get really upset if you put security guard headphones on…is all I can tell you.

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